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P.T.K. Mining

Iron & Steel, Metal Mineral, Mining and Metallurgy Projects.

“CSR Activities

2 June 2022 P.T.K Mining Co.,Ltd are pleased to provides financial support for materials equipment to Ban Nong Pha Sub-district...

Green Mining Committee

P.T.K. mining welcomes Green Mining Committee on 26 May 2022 ต้อนรับคณะกรรมการประเมินเหมืองแร่สีเขียว

Officers visits

The officers of Forest Department and Natural Resources and Evironment Loei Province Office inspected the forest area of Phu Ang...

Environmental Development

15 February 2022, P.T.K. Mining Co., Ltd. held the “Public Affairs Committee Meeting” at the meeting room of Ban U...

Environmentally friendly new road for the local community.

Populations and economies are growing. We have builded a brand new road for the local community, for better transportation and...

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