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P.T.K. Today

P.T.K. Mining was granted the right in mining from The Siam Iron and Steel from September 5th 2005, our team had immediately started to develop the mining. Four teams were set up to support the production;

  • Survey and Exploration Team: The team is consisted of geologists and chemists with the main responsibility in verifying the explored results by U.S. Agency of International Development, and Department of mineral resources Thailand. The results include the percentage of iron at different location in the mines using GPS technology to develop a database for the production.
  • Production Team: Mining engineering is the key in the production team. Our mining engineers had developed the design of the processing plant and scheduled to be installed at the end of February 2006.
  • Electrical Team: We have expanded our electrical power systems to support any future production that we will have.
  • Construction Team: Our construction crew led by experienced engineers had finished the construction of the new roadway invested by our company for iron ore transportation without passing through any residential properties, and in the process of developing the reservoir, the explosive stock building, the office building and laboratory. The schedule in finishing the construction is by February 2006.

Production Plan

P.T.K. Mining first priority is the quality of the production, the processing plant is scheduled for installation at the end of February, and the first production is scheduled for March 2006. The capacity of this processing plant is at least 1,000 metric tons per day. The total production of the first three months is to be at least 50,000 metric tons, and 60,000 metric tons per month thereafter.

Processing Plant Flowchart