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P.T.K. Mining Company Limited

Thai government and Mining

Thai government policy supports the mining in Thailand. After the recent re-organization, mining is now directly under the responsibility of the Department of Primary Industries and Mines. P.T.K. Mining Company Limited as an authorized representative of The Siam Iron and Steel Co., Ltd, had successfully been granted two mining concessions at Phu Ang deposit, reference number 27162/15728 and 27163/15727, with twenty-five years long of mining right effective from July 7th 2005 until July 6th 2030

P.T.K. Mining Company Limited

P.T.K. Mining Company Limited was found in June 2004 by the two experienced entrepreneurs in mining business for more than twenty years. Their vision is to use the iron ore resources to benefit Thailand the most both in terms of friendly to environment and the trading with other countries

P.T.K. Mining team is consisted of the experts from a variety of technology areas such as mining engineers, electrical engineers, civil engineers, environmental engineers, geologists and chemists. With our expertise, P.T.K. Mining is highly capable in producing iron ore as per customers' specification. We believe in ethics, honesty, and we are a part of local community in developing local area as environment friendly.

Iron ore export

With the advantage in the closest distance to China and Japan than other iron ore deposits, the transportation of the iron ore to China and Japan requires shorter time than other exporters. (Approximately 2,600 Nautical miles, India approximately 4,000 Nautical miles, Australia approximately 3,600 nautical miles, and Brazil approximately 10,000 nautical miles to China)